Vebego has come out of 2022 stronger and is making the organisation future-proof

Vebego published its 2022 Annual Report today. A year in which Vebego was named Family Business of the Year, successfully completed the largest acquisition in its history, actively pursued its sustainability ambition and took great strides in future-proofing the organisation. However, it was also a year in which Covid, the conflict in Ukraine, rising energy and material costs and employee absenteeism posed the necessary challenges for Vebego.

Vebego’s turnover rose to a record high in 2022: €1,371 million (2021: €1,052 million). In addition to organic growth, the increase is mainly due to the largest purchase in its history: hectas in Germany. Vebego’s net result for 2022 is €10.6 million (2021: €28.3 million). The lower result is mainly due to investments to future-proof Vebego. In 2022, substantial investments were made in the formation of the new cleaning company, the new landscaping company and a shared service & expertise company in the Netherlands. In Germany, a major effort has been made to integrate the acquired hectas and the existing Servico into Vebego Facility Services Deutschland. In addition, the large increases in energy and material costs had a negative effect on net profit. Just like the result of the healthcare companies in the Netherlands, which had to contend with a relatively high rate of absenteeism and staff turnover.  

With these far-reaching organisational changes, Vebego has increased its own recognisability, market leadership and effectiveness and is demonstrating its strength in the field of internal cooperation.  

A turbulent year 

2022 was a dynamic, but also turbulent year. While the pandemic and staff shortages led to increased workload and absenteeism among staff, the conflict in Ukraine caused high material and energy costs. These developments led to a considerable increase in costs, but thanks to the efforts of the staff, investments and Vebego’s healthy growth, CEO Ton Goedmakers looks back positively on 2022. “2022 was a dynamic year, with major external challenges. We are positive about last year’s result and we have invested heavily in strengthening the organisation. First of all, all my colleagues deserve a big compliment for these results,” says Goedmakers.

Making work of the future 

Vebego is making work of the future. Goedmakers: ‘We are making our organisation future-proof and we are laying the foundation for achieving our ultimate goal: working together on meaningful impact, with people, for people.’ 

Vebego is also working on its impact on the climate. In 2022, the organisation mapped out its current sustainability performance. Thanks to better data, the Vebego companies will be able to make specific plans in 2023 towards fully climate-neutral business practices by 2030. Furthermore, Vebego is working on CSRD, the EU directive for reporting on the impact on people and the environment.  

Ton Goedmakers is looking forward to 2023 with enthusiasm and confidence, the year in which Vebego will be 80 years old. ‘We are also counting on healthy growth in 2023. Here we will look even more at what connects us: creating meaningful jobs. 2023 is also the year in which we will reflect on our 80th anniversary and in which the Dutch companies can enjoy the title Family Business of the Year for another year. But we are mainly looking ahead, because of the major changes within Vebego and in the world around us.’ 

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